life:) is getting speed with EDGE+

Mobile services operator life:) presents an innovative data transfer service EDGE+/GPRS+ that provides the fastest Internet browsing speed available without 3G technology. life:) offers for the first time on the market up to three times faster data transfer rates on EDGE and GPRS with EDGE+/GPRS+.

While using EDGE+/GPRS+ service life:) compresses and optimizes data that is transmitted over its EDGE or GPRS networks, thus increasing loading speed, whereas leaving the quality of connection at constant high level. EDGE+/GPRS+ service allows life:) subscribers to decrease the Internet pages load waiting time up to 30%.

EDGE+/GPRS+ service speeds up internet browsing over special access point SPEED, which is accessible only for service users, and can not be used for WAP Access or MMS exchange. Selection of EDGE+ or GPRS+ will be done automatically depending on the data technology supported by mobile phone as well as EDGE coverage availability.

Since March 2005, when life:) became the first mobile operator in Ukraine that launched EDGE technology, the operator remains the leader on the Ukrainian market in EDGE coverage and EDGE based services provision. Today life:) provides EDGE services with the most innovative hi-tech network in 37 cities of Ukraine that is the widest EDGE coverage in Ukraine. EDGE+/GPRS+ is the next advantage that life:) subscribers can enjoy from their mobile services operator.

Today EDGE+/GPRS+ service is available for individual and corporate life:) subscribers who are served on the contract basis. Activation of EDGE+/GPRS+ service costs UAH 5.00 (including VAT and excluding PF). Activation fee includes 1 Mbyte of data which can be used any time after the service is activated. There is also a monthly fee of UAH 5.00 (including VAT and excluding PF) for using the service. Also for accessing internet via EDGE+/GPRS+ service life:) subscribers will be charged for used traffic according to regular Internet access price, which is UAH 5.12 per Mbyte (including VAT and excluding PF).

life:) marketing director Tolga Gedikoglu commented: “As the most innovative operator in the market we are committed to bringing new technologies that can enrich the lives of mobile communication users. Increasing the

data transfer speed we will enable people to enjoy many new services and discover the new taste in the existing ones. EDGE+/GPRS+ will be a new breath for mobile Internet and surely for data services. This is the next level that will evolve to the world of 3G”.

HiTech.Expert info:

LLC “Astelit” is a company operating the GSM business under the brand life:) since the end of January 2005. The operator was the first on the market to introduce EDGE technology which provides data transfer speed 5 times higher than GPRS. Today life:) offers the widest EDGE coverage on the market – 37 cities including all the oblast centers.

Лидерами новых разработок в мобильной связи являются Huawei, Qualcomm и Oppo, а POCO отделился от Xiaomi и представил в Украине POCO M3 на Snapdragon 662.

Что делать, если пульт от телевизора не работает.