A woman picks up a Chinese newspaper displaying an advertisement for the Apple iPhone 3G in Hong Kong on July 11, 2008. Apple’s international launch of iPhone 3G began in New Zealand and Japan on July 11, as a freshly-opened “App Store” tempted fans with independently created mini-programs for the coveted devices. Sales of iPhone 3G models begin later in the day in 21 other countries. AFP PHOTO/Andrew Ross (Photo credit should read ANDREW ROSS/AFP/Getty Images)

Realme Buds Air Pro имеют активное шумоподавление и прозрачный режим, а Xiaomi Mi 11 получил Snapdragon 888, Quad HD+ дисплей и динамики Harman Kardon.

Марсоход Perseverance готовится к мягкой посадке на Марс, а Китай планирует развернуть собственную модульную космическую станцию.